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Rolling wave crash However, while four of the five teams to wear the away jersey have already unveiled them, India are yet to do the same. In the rest of the game, India will wear blue as usual. Ahead of the tournament, we bring to you a list of jerseys the team will wear during the most awaited tournament. International Cricket Council (ICC) had earlier announced that all participating nations will be required to provide two kit jerseys of different colours. According to India Today’s reports, Virat Kohli and Co. will be wearing an alternate jersey against India. The India’s blue jersey clashes with England’s blue, and therefore Virat Kohli and his team will be seen in orange on June 30 at Edgbaston. Prior to the team’s departure from Mumbai, Kohli had declared that it would his “most challenging” World Cup. The president has regularly assailed world leaders, including allies like Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron, for “ripping” America off over trade.

The away kit was worn in two games, in the final group game against the USA, and the infamous 7-1 victory over hosts Brazil in the semifinals. I remember my first ever Germany game, that 4-0 win over Argentina. India have failed to add any World Cup trophy to their cabinet barring the memorable 2011 win at home. India has gone to World Cups wearing different shades of blue, some more striking than the other. India last wore dark blue in the World Cup in 1992. Since then have opted to go with much lighter shades. With a lion printed on the side & a kit of the same design in different shades of blue. According to World Cup 2019 schedule, India’s clash against Afghanistan will be treated as a home game for the Men in Blue. Now, it will be adopted in cricket World Cup too. They courted controversy with opposition leaders accusing the government of saffronising the cricket team.

The team decided to go with a lighter shade of green with the T20 logo on the left & the team logo on the right. Green will be the main color, with black used for the Swoosh. After registering comfortable victories against some of the strong teams like Australia, South Africa and Pakistan, India will next play against the dark horses in the World Cup, namely, Afghanistan and West Indies on 22 and 27th July respectively. Team India or the Men in Blue have been famously known for donning the blue jersey across all white-ball formats of the gentlemen’s game. The other jersey has its colours flipped, but even the dominant blue doesn’t save the overall design. This is the jersey Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Kevin de Bruyne and Vincent Kompany will wear in Belgium in 2014. Bright red with Belgium team badge, sublimated design on front, embossed design on front and Burrda logo. CWC19 which India will wear against England. India is still hurting though, not having won a T20 world event after 2007, with five failed attempts. According to reports, the away jersey will be orange in colour with the collar having a blue strip, a reverse of the current colour combination.

Following is a summary of current sports news briefs. We all know how well black and gold go together, just look at Bayern’s current away kit. The sky blue color of the away kit looks amazing. The jersey looks great with a red & flaming pattern of green. Indian Team Orange Jersey:- The team like India, England, Sri Lanka (all blue) and Pakistan, South Africa, and Bangladesh (green) have common colour jerseys, and in a bid to distinguish between the sides, the ICC came up with a home and away jersey concept in this year’s World Cup. The concept of multiple jerseys has been inspired from club football in which players choose their colour on a home and away basis. He also reviews jerseys for SB Nation. India, for instance, is likely to don the away jersey in the match against hosts England at Edgbaston, Birmingham, on June 30, as both teams have blue jerseys. Indian team have sported the blue jersey in all the games they have played so far. It has three colours, blue, dark blue & a pinch of red. Pakistan also revealed their jersey for T20 World Cup India 2021 which is dark green in colour.